We are taking a break but will be back soon with new course offerings in 2021! Stay Tuned for more information.

About Wazza’s Kitchen

Wazza’s Kitchen is all about bringing fresh and delicious food direct to your dining table.


Welcome to Wazza’s Kitchen – where we come to you to help you create your own delicious food with incredible flavour.

Producing good food is easy once you have some basic skills and the confidence to experiment with flavours and textures. 

We currently run classes on sourdough breadmaking  and will soon expand into a range of tasty cuisines. Host a breadmaking party and we will show you and your friends everything you need to know to make delicious bread right in your own kitchen.

We are also partnering with Mount Martha House Community Centre to make breadmaking accessible to community members.

Find out about our upcoming workshops or request a class. 

Sharing cooking skills with South East Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula

Meet Wazza...

Warwick Beard is the creator and founder of Wazza’s Kitchen. He is a retired school principal who has had a lifelong passion for food, cooking and fresh produce!

Warwick has taught friends and family over the years how to cook and prepare tasty and delicious meals, and of course how to bake bread! 

His sourdough recipe could be considered a family secret (if he kept it a secret!). It’s the step by step guide to perfect, cripsy on the outside and fluffy in the middle sourdough.