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Welcome to Wazza’s Kitchen – where we come to you to help you create your own delicious food with incredible flavour.

Producing good food is easy once you have some basic skills and the confidence to experiment with flavours and textures. 

We currently run classes on sourdough breadmaking as well as a range of tasty cuisines.

Host a cooking party and we will teach you and your friends everything you need to know to make delicious foods right in your own kitchen.  We offer breadmaking, pasta making and cuisines from around the world.

Our Events

We offer in home parties for people wanting to learn the art of creating fresh and delicious food. We also run regular scheduled classes. 

In Home Classes

Let us come to you – find out more about our breadmaking, pasta and other parties!

Scheduled Classes

We run currently run classes with our partner community centres around the Mornington Peninsular region.

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72 Hour Sourdough

72 Hour Sourdough

Retarding the dough is a common practice in sourdough breadmaking to ensure great sourdough flavour development.  Take this to another level when you get into 72 hour sourdough.   This is no harder or more time consuming than normal sourdough breadmaking.  You just...

Making your own starter

Making your own starter

It is very easy to create your own sourdough starter.  All you need is some good quality whole-wheat flour and water and a little patience.  I like to use either filtered water or boiled, cooled water. What's in a Starter? There are two microorganisms that combine to...

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